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Job Benchmarking

TTI’s patented job benchmarking process is unique and effective because it benchmarks a specific job, not the people doing the job. To do this, we let the job talk through an interactive process and an assessment on the job, not the individual, in order to remove the bias, personality contests and unknown variables that can otherwise provide inaccurate results. This process can be used in several aspects of human capital management, including:

The interactive process helps subject matter experts determine key accountabilities that are specific to the job itself. Key accountabilities are concise statements used to describe the performance objectives for a particular position. Key accountabilities are important to the job benchmarking process because they are used to clarify the position and determine why the position exists and what value it brings to the organization.

Through an assessment on the job, the process focuses on how the job should be done by considering:

Once the job benchmarking process is complete, the key accountabilities and benchmark results can be used in many different situations to make a positive impact on the bottom line.