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Motivation Insights

The why of your actions

What is it that causes you to move into action? What are the drivers of your behavior? What activities, careers, and conversations inspire a "passion" within you, causing you to want to become involved? The Motivation Insights Assessment measures the WHY of your actions, leading to an understanding of what drives your behavior and the attitudes that move you into action.

The Six Attitudes


  • Theoretical: A passion to discover, systematize and analyze; a search for knowledge.
  • Utilitarian: A passion to gain return on investment of time, resources and money.
  • Aesthetic: A passion to add balance and harmony in one’s own life and protect our natural resources.
  • Social: A passion to eliminate hate and conflict in the world and to assist others.
  • Individualistic: A passion to achieve position and to use that position to influence others.
  • Traditional: A passion to pursue the higher meaning in life through a defined system for living.

The Assessment

Motivation Insights Assessment measures your responses in each of the six attitudes. The computerized report shows each of the six attitudes compared to the national average. You are provided with information on the WHY of your actions, which, when applied, can tremendously impact the satisfaction you get out of life. Once you know the attitudes that drive your actions, you will immediately be able to understand the causes of conflict. If you are in a career you are enjoying, or if you are finding little satisfaction in your career, you will understand why. You will understand and appreciate your relationships as you recognize the attitudes of other people. You will see how their attitudes might interact with your own.


The Motivation Insights Assessment allows you to take control of your decisions and your life. You will:

  • Know the WHY of your actions.
  • Make career choices that will increase your job satisfaction.
  • Understand the causes of conflict with others.
  • Develop an increased appreciation for the uniqueness of others.
  • Appreciate the viewpoint of others who see life differently.
  • Increase your satisfaction and fullfillment in life.

Motivation Insights Assessment is another validated, time-tested product from TTI that will assist you in reaching your full potential.