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Different Assessments, Different Solutions

How to Determine Which Assessment Combination to Choose

TTI's biggest competitive advantage is our vast assessment options, as we now boast seven different assessment tools. The most popular four are DISC/Behaviors, Values/Motivators, TTI PTSI and TTI DNA, while the remaining three include Sales Skills Index, Task Quotient and the new TTI Emotional Quotient. Options like this allow you to tailor your solutions and differentiate yourself in the marketplace. To choose the right assessments, remember to listen closely and determine your client's true need.

DISC / Behaviors
TTI Style Insights® is the questionnaire used to measure behaviors and create a DISC report. It tells you HOW someone acts and focuses on effectively communicating with others by understanding one's self and others in a work group. If your client suffers from a stressed workforce, lack of teamwork, low productivity, low retention rates, communication issues, low performance or any situation where people just don't seem to “click,” a behaviors assessment is a perfect part of the solution.

Values / Motivators
TTI Motivation Insights® is the questionnaire used to measure motivators and create a Values report. It tells you WHY someone acts in a particular way by revealing what motivates action. If your client is having issues with low morale, fading motivation, sustaining a positive work environment, incentive plans or any situation where people are not excited about their job, a values assessment will provide a positive solution.

Personal Skills
TTI has two assessments that each measure personal skills from a different perspective. TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory® is used to create a TTI PTSI report. It tells you WHAT potential someone has in 67 areas of personal skill capacities. It can be used with behaviors and motivators in TTI TriMetrix®. TTI Personal Soft Skills Indicator also measures personal skills and is used to create a TTI DNA™ report. It tells you WHAT someone has done in 23 areas of personal skills. It can also be used with behaviors and motivators in TTI Performance DNA™.

If your client is hiring key positions, setting up a succession or leadership development plan, re-organizing jobs, or making a business decision that involves key talent, a personal skills assessment is an important component of your solution. With TTI DNA you are able to predict future success based on past performance, while TTI PTSI allows you to measure an individual's potential performance. A combination of the two will provide the best analysis, as you can see what skills an individual has mastered and what areas they have potential for development. Both personal skill assessments do require certification.

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