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Can assessments show changes in the economy?

You know you have accurate assessments when your distributors start picking up on changes in our economy in the assessment results. We have received many comments regarding trends that our distributors have been seeing in the assessments, in particular, the Style Insights® and the TTI PTSI. In the behavior assessment, we are seeing more tight patterns and significant shifts in Graph I. On the personal skills assessment, we are seeing declining internal scores on the Dimensional Balance Page.

This is something to be aware of and to understand why it’s happening. As budgets tighten and more people are facing difficult times finding jobs, they might develop a negative sense of Role Clarity and become unsure about their future. The positive side to that is the TTI PTSI assessment picks up on that and will tell you this is a place to ask questions.

There are many things that can impact both of these scores. The Role Awareness can be affected by roles unrelated to work but also changes in the environment on the job. Job issues, such as layoffs can cause people to have shifts in the behavior graphs. For example, the “C” goes up and the “I” comes down. It has a similar affect on the Dimensional Balance Page.

As you can see, a few different things can change, such as a decrease in the Role Awareness and Self Direction clarity scores and/or a change in the bias. Ask Role Awareness questions like, “What are your main roles in life?” The longer it takes to answer the question the more it validates a low score. Ask the person if any of his or her roles have changed or if they are frustrated with any of them. For Self Direction, ask questions like, “Where do you see yourself in 6 months? What about 12 months?” “Are things less clear now then they were a year ago?” Again, how a person answers will tell what question to ask next.

TriMetrix gives you three views of an individual. If you use our 360 program with the TriMetrix Questions, you get four views of an individual. The Style Insights tells you “How they do it” the Motivation Insights tells you “Why they do it” the TTI PTSI tells you “What they can do” and the 360 tells you “Are they doing it.”

You have a lot of options. You need to be sure you are giving your client the best solution. The new TTI Metrics program will help you sell the need for assessments or show the client what it costs them not to use you.

Rick Bowers
Success Insights International